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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Looming Reshuffle?All cabinet secretaries and PSs Sent on compulsory leave

There has been talk of a looming cabinet reshuffle.
Uhuru kenyatta is keen on leaving a long lasting legacy and he is expected to make some changes to ensure his big 4 agenda is achieved.
Cabinet secretaries, permanent secretaries and the attorney General have been given  a two weeks leave during this festive season.
Here is what part of the letter in our possession read.
In the spirit of allowing you to celebrate Christmas With family and friends, it has been decided that you can take Christmas recess with effect from Friday 21st December, 2018 to Monday 7th January, 2019."  the letter from the office of the Presidency read.
The cabinet secretaries and PSs are expected to delegate duties to the most senior person in their respective departments.

" In your absence you are required to designate a duty officer who will be in the office throughout the period. The officer should be senior enough to deal with routine day to day assignments of your Office. Before you proceed on recess please forward the name, designation, office telephone and mobile number of the duty officer to my Office. The same can be sent to the attention of Mr. Aggrey Busena, Secretary Administration Tel. No. 0727... in the Presidency and Cabinet Affairs Office."

The letter also warned the cabinet secretaries of going out of the country during the short leave.
This might be thrown opportunity for Uhuru kenyatta to reorganize his cabinet and remove non performing cabinet secretaries.

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