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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Jowie and Maribe Embrace Tightly outside court when they met today being Maribe birthday (Photos)

It is almost 2 months since Jacque Maribe was released on bail leaving jowie irungu to continue rotting in prison.
Jowie irungu will be remanded until next year June when full hearing of the case commences.
Today Jacque Maribe and jowie bumped into each other when  the two met in court.
The two had came to hear mention of their cases.
Today is Jacque Maribe birthday , Jacque was at Milimani Courts for a mention of the case. She ran into her fiancé Jowie and the two embraced tightly for a while as cameramen scrambled for pictures.
Jowie has came to ask the court to allow him get physiotherapy treatment for his arm.
Jowie also embraced Jacque Maribe mum and hugged her for few minutes.
It seems that after all love is not lost betwen jowie and Jacque Maribe.

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