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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Interpol finally names top drug lords in Kenya, 2 Governors and MPS are in this list

Few weeks ago DPP said they are working with interpol from USA to  fight drug trafficking.
After the arrest of akasha brothers, it turns out that they named Powerful politicians to be part of their powerful drug empire.
Deported politician miguna miguna has finally spealed the beans.
In a early morning tweet miguna miguna named all the people who are wanted by interpol in regards to drug trafficking.
Here is what he shared
"For zombies who doubt everything, here is a true copy of the INDICTMENT against Ali Hassan Joho, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, William Kabogo,Joshua Kutuny, John Harun Mwau, Stanley Livondo, Mary Wambui, Simon Mbugua and Joho's brother Abu. Get ready. The revolution is coming!"
He shared the letter purported to be from interpol naming the individuals.
We cannot authenticate of this letter is originally from interpol or miguna miguna is just picking war with the politicians he named.

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