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Thursday, 6 December 2018

How Raila escaped an assassination attempt by dressing up like a woman

Cases of assassination of politicians opposed to government was common during the Mois regime.
One of the fiercest critic of Moi government was Raila Odinga.
Raila Odinga was the champion of multiparty democracy and was jailed from 1982-1987  in connection to the 1982 coup attempt on Mois government
He was later rearrested and jailed 1988-1989 and 1990-1991.
Raila has detailed his struggles in a new book.
He says that what kept him going and same in prison was reading the Bible and quaran.

“In my view the decisive event in Old Testament is not the creation but the exodus, through which the people of Israel are freed from Egyptian slavery,” he says in the book.

He also details an assassination attempt on his life in 1991 and how he escaped.
The assassination attempt was revealed to him by the USA embassy.
He details it how he manged to escape.
He says that he did not go to his house directly because the assisins were trailing him, Instead he went to James Orego house where he played with the children.later moving to Mukhisa Kituyi’s home where’s he’d play with his sons Sitati and Makari

Later that night to enable him escape, Mukhisa kituyi wife worked on him and powdered him with make up completely disguising him as a woman.
Raila manged to sneak to USA embassy where his escape from the country to Uganda was hatched
“With these specs perched on my nose I could hardly see a thing but they completed the disguise,” he say
Raila Odinga managed to sneak to Uganda via kisumu border thus escaping the assassination attempt

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