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Sunday, 16 December 2018

How Husband planted secret tape to nab wife in Imenti house incident

Everybody is now talking about the Trending Imenti house video where two couples were captured in secret camera enjoying themselves.
An incider in Imenti house nairobi has revealed more details about the lady in the video.
Becky*, Name changed to protect her identity is the lady in the Imenti House video. She co-owns the shop with her husband who has been suspecting her with a Ben 10 and decided to plant secret cameras. Catherine, a former high school teacher cum a business woman is missing.
It is Said  that the husband had been suspecting the wife for a long time and decided to nab her by planting a secret camera in their stalls.
He caught them in action and decided to punish them by circulating the video.
The video had been Trending on all major platforms in Kenya

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