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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Here is what Daniel Moi told Gideon Moi After he spend The night in a remote Rural village

Gideon Moi is Rutos Main contender for the 2022 presidential race. 
Recent opinion polls placed Gideon second after Deputy president William Ruto. 
Gideon seems now he is taking is presidential ambitions to a notch higher, Just yesterday night he slept in a small rural village. 
Before Gideon Moi spent the night he called his father former president Moi and he had the following message for him
“When Mzee Moi heard that I would sleep here, he told me that I have matured in politics since Khwisero people never voted for him. You have been friendly to me and I will come back to bring development projects to the area,”Gideon Moi said.

Gideon Moi work up the next morning and walked 10KM, interacting and helping the people of khwisero in their various projects.

Moi was hosted by Philip Arunga his childhood friend and brother to former khwisero mp Julias Arunga

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