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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Expert Opinion :The truth about Trending Wajir Women rep Fatuma Gedi Video

A video purporting to show wajir women rep Fatuma Gedi bedroom activities has been Trending on most online platforms in Kenya.
The video has spread like wild fire and most Kenyans are looking for it.
A close confidant to the mp has shared the following message with us.

"About the viral video doing rounds on social media. May I point reasons why am saying it's vidoe-photoshopped.
A vidoe photoshoot is a vidoe where the face is digitally altered to suit the creator's purpose. It was made on senator Malala, Sonko and CS Najib Balala.
I have 4 reasons why I said it's video photoshop
1) the woman in the video has tatoo drawing on her left hand. Since when did Fatuma Gedi had tatoo?
2) Look at her nails. It has white cutex. Cutex is what non-somali women put on their nails. Somali women usually it on henna---black or red
3) Fatuma Gedi is the Women Representative of Wajir County. For urgument sake, let's say she is the person in the video. If it's true, why would she allow recorded on mobile camera?
4)The voice in the video is a voice-over and that's not even not worth our time.
The man whose name the website was registered with was identified and is under custody. He named two MPs and Fatuma will respond to the video when she returns from Djibouti where she's attending a regional forum."

It is believed that political opponents of the MP paid malicious people to photoshop and spread the video.
As a Somali woman and a respected leader Fatuma Gedi cannot engage in such activities, Its barely impossible for the video to be her.
Spread the word to warn others who believe the video is hers.

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