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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Details and symptoms about jakadala diseases which has hit migori County

Jakadala deadly virus has hit migori County.
The jakadala virus was named after Named popular musician from the region.
It is a mythical disease that the residents says its kills within one week.
It is sexually transmitted disease which residents says its  very deadly and has no cure.
Residents says the mythical disease eats private parts and rashes appears all over the victim body before killing him within one week.
Unconfirmed reports says 5 people working in gold mine Have already been killed.
But a doctor from the region has refuted the claims.
Migori health executive iscar olouch has claimed that he already has sent his team to the ground to do investigations after 5 people have been said to have died from the disease.
"Rumours about the new STI gained traction after a patient suffering from penile cancer was admitted to the Migori County Referral Hospital. The patient has had the disease for the past five years," she clarified.
Olouch confirmed that they will not take chances but will ensure they do thorough investigations.


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