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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Details about Uhuru and Raila night meeting where Governors including Obado were kicked out

Uhuru kenyatta has visited the nyanza region for the first time ever since he was elected as president.
Uhuru kenyatta visit comes after the very much publicized March 9 handshake.
Uhuru kenyatta was welcomed by Nasa leader Raila Odinga Odinga and have initiated various development projects including opening an hospital and Roads.
Yesterday night they held a long night meeting where Uhuru kenyatta hinted at supporting Nasa leader Raila Odinga.
Orengo had requested Uhuru earlier to consider taking the March 9 handshake to 2022.
Here is what the president said hinting at supporting Raila Odinga in 2022.
Ndugu zangu na dada zangu mimi sina shida na mtu yeyote bora tu mkubali tufanye kazi pamoja basi tugange yajayo (My brothers and sisters, I have no issues will your suggestion but let us work together and see what the future has)," the President said.

"Only God knows who will take the mantle," he added, raising hopes that Odinga could be the surprise pick come 2022.

Uhuru kenyatta spoke exclusively to nyanza region leader which included MPS, senators and Governors.
The only Governor from the region who was not present was Obado who has been linked to deputy president William Ruto.
Obado popularity is rising and is expected to take over from Raila Odinga if the Nasa leader retires

Governors who were not from nyanza region were also told to excuse themselves as the president wanted to address nyanza region leaders excluding MCAS, the announcement was made by Orengo
Uhuru kenyatta thanked the leaders for the warm reception he received from the region.

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