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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Details about Raila Odinga, 1 Billion house where he hosted president Uhuru kenyatta

Kenyans for a long time have known that Raila Odinga has been building a 1 billion house in Kisumu.
The home is crested in Kanyakwar, Riat Hills overlooking Kisumu International Airport. It affords the former PM a near-aerial view of Kisumu City, the base of his political power.
The residence has close to 10 bedrooms- including Raila’s master bedroom all upstairs. It has four expansive kitchens, two main conference rooms, two small conference rooms and many offices.
according to mpasho news.
Raila Odinga built in the house as his retirement home just like kabarak is mzee Moi retirement home.
Construction of the house started in 2015 and it received much critism as people perceived him to be building his own state house.
Here are exclusive photos of the palatial building.
Photos :courtesy

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