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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Details about the digital face technology used to create Wajir women Rep Video and has been used on other leaders including Sonko and Shebesh

Yesterday a video trended trying to depict wajir women rep Fatuma Gedi bedroom activities.
Most Kenyans believed the video because of the close resemablence of the lady and the women rep and the fact that she spoke Somali just like her.
Here are details about the technology used to create the video.
Yusuf Korow who is very familiar with video editing shared this information with us.
"Just to easily dispel and ruled it out as fake, but for clarity of knowing the truth, This Morning I sat down with a friend who is a professional video editor and carry out an extensive analysis on this harrowing adult footage. We've realized something very weird from the said dirty footage, for clarity, one seemed to check the very few last frames of the short clip. There’s a title in the top part of the mobile phone video taken off what seems to be a computer monitor. It’s in French, and I could make out the words “Melendez yovez"
A quick search later, and we discover that she’s a prominent french Adult film star with experience of what they referred as " Face actor " meaning the core role of such actors is to act face digital of public figures and create undistinguished face of the original person and perform the acts on camera.. A very well advanced technological adult film making.
A little more digging and we find out that "melendez " and company operates online adult sites, where you can personally order for extensive package of your demand. You just need to pay your money online , Send the face of the person you want to depict in that video both male or female.. Choose the length of your video and by just one full day you will rôle out your video online and download it for it to serve your purpose. Its Just as easy as that !
After realizing the possibility of the video as "deep fake” one, where a face actor can control a digital “skin” of a public figure’s face and make it seem almost indistinguishable from the original face of the person.
We too confirmed that the said fake and indecency video wasn't done with the normal video Editting softwares,the video was directly sourced from the Melendez Online adult sites and company, It was well orchestrated planned by the enemies of Hon Fatuma Gedi to go an extent of fishing out a world class Digital online face adult film actors sites in order to taint and destroy the dignity of this innocent Lady just because of greed and bad political blood .
We found plenty of dodgy-looking sites and forums that will link to you directly to this professional face actors just for trade .
We also found a link that directly connect this people with the popular adult film star sites. The site  that has been technically banned for so many countries for the past few years. will not link back to the 4 other sites we found the video on, because I don’t want to be linking to adult sites on my page.
The video, which runs for one minute and 54 seconds, shows a woman whose slight facial resemblance was falsely depicted to Hon. Fatuma and with a slightly small background of "somali voice scream" while having enjoying herself with a man with dark features that almost look like he’s black.
The curious thing is that the woman keeps looking at the camera all throughout (close-up)—as if trying to make sure her face is seen by viewers. Something which is very weird and can't be comprehended easily.
Ironically, the people behind the making of the video intentionally brightening the woman’s face, making it virtually impossible to distinguish her identity.
Only those with poor eyesight or dirty minds will say this is Hon Fatuma. This video is fake!
There are lots of online digital adult face actors that can be sourced easily with a price and get your Undistinguishable video with the shortest time possible... Fatuma Gedi was a victim of such world class Digital fakery and slandering. Just because of power, envy and greed . that is very unfortunate indeed . It’s crazy. This is mudslinging at its lowest,This is the worst kind of fakery.
So many world class leaders, actors, footballers, musicians and many others were a victim of this case . including , Hilary Clinton, Kim karidishian, Kelly , American senators, Footballers like Christian Ronaldo and the latest was Tottenham deli Ali and many many more."

That is the technology which apparently was used to create the very sad video.
We can only imagine what the women rep and her family are going through.
People can be very inhumane.

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