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Monday, 10 December 2018

Charging mobile phone explodes, Killing wife leaving Husband injured in homabay

A mobile phone exploded leaving Husband seriously injured and wife dead in Homabay County.
According to the standard Mary Akinyi died instantly when her mobile phone exploded in the house at Kadibuoro village in Kagan, Rangwe Sub County on Sunday night.
She sustained serious burns in her face and head leaving her seriously injured and efforts to safe her proved futile.
The phone was charging in the bedroom where the deceased and her husband were sleeping before the explosion occurred.
She died before being rushed to hospital.
According to the deceased brother in law the incident happened after lightning struck a solar panel in the roof of the house.
The incident affected electronic equipments in the house which caused the  explosion of the mobile phone to occur.
Most of the electronic equipment in the house were affected.
“Efforts of family members to rescue Akinyi proved futile since she was already overwhelmed by the burns. It was an unprecedented incident in this area,” Ochieng’ was quoted by the standard.
Mary Husband sustained serious injuries and is now in stable condition in hospital

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