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Monday, 3 December 2018

All photos from Matatu Ban on Nairobi CBD today by sonko

Sonko banned Matatus from entering the nairobi CBD and Kenyans from all walks of life were forced to walk to CBD.
A PROFESSIONAL HAD THE following idea for Mike Sonko considering the ongoing ban of Matatus on CBD
"Good morning. Can the vehicles enter the CBD after 7pm just limit them to 3-5 at a time. They can liaise with one another.
Also, vehicles for gigiri, thika rd, ngara should park at globe cinema area.
The closer to town the stages are, the better & provide security especially in the evenings after 7pm if they can't be allowed back.
Can u imagine a student leaving class at 8pm to 2030hrs then they walk to Ngara?
Also those who are disabled, the old, those who are sick heading to hospital etc, the overweight who can barely walk, those who are 7 months pregnant or have problematic pregnancies. What about them?
Town businesses will also suffer BIIIG time!!!
A serious professional planner should be brought on the scene & this idea executed well."

Here are all photos from today CBD Matatu ban

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