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Thursday, 1 November 2018

We share something deeper than love Maribe Tells itumbi in front of her parents in court

Jacque maribe has been making headlines for the past few weeks.
She was released yesterday and the joy by Dennis itumbi was evident.
Itumbi has revealed that maribe told her in front of her father.
Here is what Dennis itumbi shared with the standard about her relationship with Jacque maribe.
“By the way, last weekend, I told her, as her very supportive father and mother listened, 'people are saying I am trying to win you back'…”
And Maribe's response was quite telling. “Tell them, we share a soul. Something deeper than love, a friendship that words can only spell but not explain,” she was quoted by the star.

Kenyans have urged Dennis itumbi  to marry maribe because it is evident that he is deeply in love with her.

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