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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Untold story:The fall of Raphael tuju wife,From living life in vast lane to selling chapatis

Raphael tuju is one of the wealthiest politicians in the country.
He is a billionaire with vast investment in real estate and hospitality industry.
Raphael tuju married Ruth Akinyi in November 1983 but they divorced on 2013.
In court documents Raphael tuju had accused his ex wife of adultery.
It was romoured that Ruth Akinyi was in a secret relationship with a GSU officer,The GSU officer later died under mysterious circumstances.
Raphael tuju and his wife officially divorced in 2013.
After the divorce things went South for Raphael tuju wife.
She could not afford the once lavish lifestyle she was accostomed to.

According to The Nairobian, Ruth Akinyi can not afford the posh lifestyle she once had before separating with her wealthy husband. She now been reduced to waking up very early to go and prepare matumbo and chapatis for her customers who visit her a small hotel along Mombasa Road.
She started toiling like any other Kenyan to make ends meet.
She went from living a lavish lifestyle in Karen to preparing chapati and matumbo and other cheap food for construction workers along Mombasa road.
She left behind an expensive restaurant in Karen   owned Raphael tuju to start a small hotel along Mombasa road to make ends meet.
According to court documents during their divorce Raphael tuju was willing to pay her 200,000 monthly upkeep but he was worried she was going to use the money with her young lovers.

The Raphael tuju wife story is a classic story of fall from riches to rags

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