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Thursday, 22 November 2018

This Babu owino genious response when asked why he supports the gender bill

Babu owino is one of the youngest and most contraversial members of Parliament, today the young legislator shocked everyone by saying why he supports the gender bill.
A bill has been sponsored in Parliament to increase the number of seats for women in Parliament to achieve the two thirds gender rule.
The young legislator simply said that he supports the gender bill because women give him what men cannot give him.
It has a literal meaning but Kenyans can still understand the deep meaning.
Congratulations hon babu owino, for standing with our mothers,sisters,aunts,daughters and wives. God bless uh. “I beg that hon member to visit maternity ward to see what our mothers are undergoing for bringing us here” Babu owino

He promised to support the gender bill until it is passed

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