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Monday, 26 November 2018

The sad story of Nairobi thug by the name Boss set up by ex girlfriend to killed by police

Boss was a dangerous criminal who had been warned several times by the police.
Robert Akanda Kwendo Aka boss lived in the sprouting kayole slums.
Hessy wa dandora,A popular online police officer had warned boss several times to change his act or be killed by police.
According to hessy ,Boss covered his activities by working as a matatu tout during the day but at night he was a very dangerous criminal.
According to boss mother,He was enjoying a drink at popular Club within kayole when a police man approved him, boss managed to run immediately the police man reach for his gun.
After escaping the Police started an intensive search for him but were unsuccessful.

According to missing voices kenya,one night As he was having dinner with his wife and friend, he received several calls from his ex-girlfriend. Irritated by her calling, he impatiently asked her what she wanted? His ex-girlfriend requested to meet him, telling him it’s urgent that they meet.

Boss wanted to know what his ex girlfriend wanted and immediately left telling his wife that he will be right back.
Boss borded a matatu , he alight a Matau [public taxi] at a well-known junction in Kayole called B-Center. He was ambushed by several police and told to get on the ground and before he could be arrested, he was shot and killed. The police used his ex-girlfriend to target, track and execute Boss.

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