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Friday, 9 November 2018

Size 8 recounts Day maribe saved her from embarrassment

Size 8 has recounted a day which Jacque maribe saved her from embarrassment.
This clearly shows that Jacque maribe is a true friend and she has a heart of Gold.
Here is what size 8 recounted about her life in highschool when she couldn't afford sanitary pads.
“Growing up was so hard for me because unlike most girls nowadays who are provided with sanitary towels by their parents, I did not have them. I used to have a very heavy flow but could not purchase more than one packet to sustain me. I would stay with one piece for so long, which I now know is unhealthy" she shared with a local daily.

"I would visit the washrooms often to check if I had stained myself. Sometimes it was so tough that I could totally not afford [the towels].”she added

Through all those tough and embarrassing moments she had a true friend who came to her rescue
“Jacque would give me some [sanitary pads] each time she came from home,”
Jacque maribe did not only give her sanitary pads she also brought her shopping every opening day.
Size 8 was from a poor family and she lived in the ghetto.
Maribe insured that she had all the basic needs in highschool.
Now size 8 is a beans ambassador's to softcare, a sanitary pad  brand.

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