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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Sad story of a top KCPE performer diagnosed with Bone cancer

Mary Kamanthe Mutua was all smiles when the 2018 KCPE results were announced despite the excruciating pain she is going through. The 15-year-old girl emerged as one of the top performers in public schools with 415 marks out of the possible 500 marks in Mombasa despite the fact that she was suffering from the debilitating effects of cancer.
Kamanthe has been going through a lot of pain but her endurance has ensured that she does not give up on her goals.
As she sat for her 2018 KCPE, she was also coming to terms with the fact that her health was failing her although she had no idea exactly what was wrong with her body. In a bid to keep her focused on the exam, her parents did not break the news that she had been diagnosed with bone cancer until she had completed her last paper. The young girl had strange swelling in her left leg as well as persistent pain for several months, a condition she had come to terms with in the hope that it would go away after some time. However, when the pain became unbearable, her parents took her to hospital few weeks to the KCPE examinations.

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