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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Rift valley mps Reveal how DP Ruto is involved in the multi million maize scandle and details of his secret investment in DRC congo

Deputy president is about to face a major scandal in his political career.
Ruto has been mentioned in the ongoing maize scandal.
Rift valley mps led by kutuny, Alfred keter and Sila Tiren of Moiben  have implicated deputy president Ruto in the ongoing maize scandal.
Deputy president was on a one week tour in DRC congo few months ago.
According to the mps, Ruto allegedly viewed a 500,000 acre land which he was planning to lease and plant maize.

According to the rebel MPs, the maize would later be imported into the country and lead to further frustration of local farmers.

The mps also said deputy president Ruto and those in his office were directly involved in the ongoing maize scandal.

They said deputy president has a great interest in maize farming and it is maize farming that has made him a multi millionaire.

Keter revealed that

"We want to tell the DP that we know the problems and cartels frustrating farmers are directly linked to him and his office and that is why we want all leaders probed. We are also ready as MPs to be probed” Keter said.

The mps also revealed that calls were made from deputy president office authorizating national cereals and produce board to pay certain farmers.

They also dismissed deputy president Ruto Tanga Tanga movement saying it is going nowhere if it will not address farmers issues

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