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Monday, 5 November 2018

Photos of nakuru couple whose wedding was cancelled during wedding day by pastor and what transpired

PAUL WAITHAKA and JOYCE WAITHERA KAMAU have been dedicated members of Mizpah House of Prayer, Bahati, Nakuru County for years. Paul has been serving God as a brilliant, highly gifted interpreter in the church. 17 weeks ago, they made their intentions of getting married known to the church leadership and parishioners, and pooled a million Shillings in preparation for their wedding slated for last Saturday.
But as fate would have it, things didn't go as planned. Not even their volunteership record in church and service to God within the church could save them from disappointment.
The General overseer of Mizpah House of Prayer, Apostle Jesse Karanja, demanded 3 HIV tests from them on that material day. All of them turned negative. But in his sheer determination to find a voodoo reason not to officiate the wedding, he demanded a pregnancy test, which too turned negative adding to his frustrations.
Seeing that the results were coming negative the pastor demanded the couple to take testy in clinic of his choice, to the shock of everyone the bride tested positive and pregnant clearly showing the results were doctered.
When Apostle Karanja could not hold on to his chimpanzee reasons and dirty fishing expenditions, he waited until after 6pm to disperse the crowd, saying no wedding can be officiated after 6pm.

Nakuru couple: courtesy

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