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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Now my bed will be cold forever Nairobi journalist emotional message to wife Who died

A popular Nairobi journalist has poured his heart out.
In a long Facebook post Milton Nyakundi mourned the demise of his lovely wife Becky Gitu. Nyakundi, an employee at KBC .
His wife died last month after drowning in a case suspected to be a murder case but culprits have not been brought to book.
Here is a long emotional message he shared.
It is a long an emotional post we will share the way it is, you can feel his pain

"It's taken me this long to gather myself to pen this to celebrate my the wife of my youth, best friend of my life and the most beautiful woman the world ever saw, my love Becky Gitu who has been snatched from me by the cruel hand of death. Bby, we had great a great life and great moments with two beautiful children. I can't believe that I won't ever hear from you again, I can't imagine how cold that bed will forever be now that you are gone. Bby, your children will ask me questions whose answers I won't have. If only you had a moment to say you were going, we would have offered the biggest fine to have you stay with us but would selfish death allow that? How I wish the spirit of consultation was applicable to you as is in the case of our constitution because then we would have hit a stalemate over you leaving.
At first I thought it was a joke, that you my love was still alive somewhere because the story they gave me didn't make sense, the evidence of what claimed your life never added up until the sliding door or that cold room flashed on my face your lifeless body, bby I couldn't hold back and am still unable to hold back because how could it be you lying there lifeless? When you supposed to be home cosy with your family and going on with your work on the computer? Taking selfies with the kids and sending those selfies asking me to come home because "we are waiting for you". Who is going to talk to me the saw way you did? Who will love me as you did bby, who will I love as I did Becky? Bby, you couldn't run to me for protection from me? You know how many times I've stood for you and you've stood for me but... I don't know what to say, I don't know what will take away this pain my love, I hope you will one day soon come back to see us, come and make the sweet tea and special vegetables you cooked for me, come to give me the best moments as you always do. Bby, surely you can't be gone just like that, no it's not true you are gone but God knows how long this lie is going to last. I love you bby, alive and even at death you are the best woman whose place nobody will ever take. Rara buya ekebese kiane, say hi to my dad, my grandpa and auntie plus all those of our family that left us. I love you sana and will always do, death thinks it's separated us but you are forever in my heart, the memories you have left are too precious and I promise you bby Levine and Neema will never suffer or feel that you are not with them, I have now become the father and mother. I refuse to say goodbye or rest in peace because Becky, you are still living with me and with us. I love baba yane and I miss you sorely"

May her soul rest in eternal peace burial arrangements is ongoing and you can contribute by visiting
Milton nyakundi Facebook page.he is called Hon Milton nyakundi

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