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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Matiangi Rules:If you break this 23 Rules from tomorrow you will be fined

Matiangi has introduced the famous michuki rules to bring sanity in the public transport sector.
Matiangi has stood his grounds even after stakeholders in matatu sector threatened strike.
Instant Fines from Monday:
1)Lacking lifesavers-2,000/=
2)Failure to display lifesavers when needed- 3,000/=
3)Missing seat belts- 1,000/=
4)Failure to wear seat belt- 500
5)Missing Identification Plates- 10,000/=
6) Driving on Pedestrian walkaway-5,000/=
7)Causing Obstruction-10,000/=
8) Failure Traffic Sign-3,000/=
9)Failure to stop when ordered-5,000/=
10)Lacking Valid or appropriate licence-7,000/=
11)Failure to renew driving licence-1,000/=
12)Failure to produce a driving licence-1,000/=
13)Driving while using a mobile phone-2,000/=
14)Learners without "L" plates (Front and rear )-1,000/=
15) Driving a PSV while unqualified-7,000/=
16)Letting an authorized person drive a PSV-5,000/=
17) Unlicensed conductor or a driver of a PSV-5,000/=
18)PSV picking or dropping at undesignated stops-1,000/=
19)No speed Governor-10,000/=
20) Part of the body outside a moving vehicle-1,000
21) Touting-5,000/=
22) Motorcycle rider without protective gear-1,000/=
23) Motorcycle passenger without protective gear-1,000/=
24)Dirty,worn-out seat belts-500/=
25) exceeding the speed limit(80Kph):

This rules will be applicable as from tomorrow,it will affect  both Drivers and passengers

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