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Friday, 2 November 2018

Maribe has not called me since she left prison Dennis itumbi Reveals Details

State house digital director Dennis itumbi has revealed that she has Never spoken to Jacque maribe since she was released from prison.
Itumbi was answering questions about his relationship with Jacque maribe.
When asked how she was doing after getting out of prison he said that they have not communicated with her.

"I have not communicated to her since then, but what I am sure is she is with her parents. I'm sure she will be resting and picking up the tissues as she awaits to go back to work, because life must continue."

Itumbi maintained that she is ready to take their friendship to the next level when asked about her relationship with Jacque maribe.
Here is what he said.
"She is my friend and she will be forever, and I'm glad am there for her. She is a beautiful African lady and any man would want to date her, but for me and her, we are friends and ready to deepen our friendship to go far."

With this rate we might Soon see Jacque maribe and Dennis itumbi wedding, once things cool down.

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