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Monday, 5 November 2018

Life changed forever: Here is the amount of money Ruto gave woman he ate on her kibanda and told her to keep change

Deputy president William Ruto is one of the most Charming and down to earth politicians Currently in the country.
He loves mingling with the common mwananchi and has never disappointed by rewarding them handsomely.
Here is what Ruto shared yesterday after eating in the kibanda.

"While taking refuge when the rains disrupted our public meeting at Shianda, Mumias, Kakamega County, we enjoyed nice tea and chapati at Mama Susan Mkhasia's kiosk."

Today khalwhale revealed that Ruto gave the woman 100k and told her to keep the change.
Here is what he shared
"Yesterday a lucky Susan Mugasia served tea worth Sh 250/- to ⁦@WilliamsRuto
⁩ & these VIPs at her kiosk at Shianda market in Kakamega. The Deputy President gave her Sh 100,000/- en told her to keep change!"

Clearly it was a lucky day for the woman who sold deputy president maandazi worth 5 and chai worth 10 Bob.
Total bill for deputy president and his Entourage was less than 500. And ruto gave her 100k and told her to keep change

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