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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Jowie is suffering in prison his best friends reveal shocking details after visiting him

Joseph irungi aka jowie has been remanded for over 2 months now.
His fiancee Jacque maribe was released few weeks ago, after investigators failed to place her in scene of crime.
Jowie Irungu life seems to have been ruined completely as he is now suffering in prison.
Jowie was spotted last month in Kenyatta hospital looking frail and weak.
His best friend Joe muchiri visited him in kamiti prison and has revealed that he is not doing well.
Joe muchiri after visiting jowie irungu posted a message saying kamiti is not a joke.
Asked if jowie irungu is doing well, he made it clear that the murder suspect is suffering in prison.
Jowie irungu case will be heard next year, June 2019.
Meanwhile Jacque maribe will continue being free untill the case is heard.

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