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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Itumbi Hints At dating Maribe,He has put maribe as his Facebook and WhatsApp profile photos as jowie languishes in prison

Dennis itumbi seems to be love struck by Jacque maribe.
Jacque maribe is indeed one of the most beautiful tv presenters we have and we cannot blame Denni itumbi for his persistent persue for the beautiful Jacque maribe.
Today both Jacque maribe and itumbi attended the lavish wedding of samburu west mp Naisuda lesuuda and a photo of Beautiful maribe was shared on social media from the event.
Few minutes later itumbi changed his Facebook profile to that of Jacque maribe photo.
A friend who knows itumbi and has his number confided to us that itumbi also changed his WhatsApp profile photo to that of maribe.
It will be a matter of time and they will start dating as jowie continues languishing in prison
Itumbi has been trying to woo Jacque maribe for more than 5 years now and has always been friend zoned.

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