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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

I was violent and always hurt people around me Jacque maribe ex boyfriend reveals battle with alcoholosm

Oliver mathenge had dated Jacque maribe briefly after Jacque broke up with Erick omondi.
It is understood that maribe left him because he was a heavy drinker and could spend most of his time clubbing.
Today Oliver mathenge has spoken for the first time about his addiction.
He appeared on a show hosted by fashion blogger Sharon mundia about men's mental health.
He revealed to the ntv presenter that the problem so great that he battled it for years.
He revealed that he would spend upto 80000 a night drinking.
He also divulged that alcohol made him violent and he hurt those around him.
“In the beginning, I couldn't talk about my past, the violence in my home, the suicide attempts and the things I had done to hurt other people
“What I and other people did not realise was that there were other things behind this (alcoholism). When you are doing it, you don't realise you are messing up.” he continued.

Mathenge revealed that it is the first time he has came to publicly speak about his battle with alcoholism.

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