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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Here is the disease rosemary Odinga Suffered from which made her blind

Rosemary Odinga life changed for the worst when she suffered a life threatening brain tumor last year.
Rosemary was running for the kibera parliamentary seat.
She was forced to call off her campaign after she fainted and was rushed to hospital where they found that she suffering from brain tumor.
Kenyan doctors recommend that she be rushed to South Africa for specialized treatment after the treatment.
After the tumor was removed her eyesight starting deteriorating.
She gradually lost her eyesight but she is no longer in danger because of the brain tumor.
She revealed yesterday that she is struggling with her new condition.

“I am still struggling to adapt to the new changes, having lost my sight during my illness.”

But it seems she has accepted her condition and she is still seeking further treatment in Germany.

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