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Monday, 12 November 2018

Every Matatu stage will have a police officer,Here is their job according to matiangi

Matiangi has come up with the famous michuki rules.
All public vehicles will be required to comply with this rules in order to operate
Matiangi has proposed the rules to Bring sanity in the transport sector.
Each matatu terminus will now have a police officer to make sure that passengers are not over charged.
Here is matiangi order from tomorrow
"From tomorrow, all PSV vehicles will be required to have clearly displayed.fare tables and police will ask passengers how much fare they have paid. If the amount paid will be more than what is on the fare table. The driver and conductor of the vehicle will be arrested."
This means each station across the country will have a police officer who will make sure that passengers pay the fare that is displayed in the stage.
This is after it emerged that passengers are being overcharged by matatu owners because of the ongoing strike.

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