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Monday, 5 November 2018

Drama as FBI releases 13 names of prominent people doing drug business,2 Governors named(Full list)

The akasha brothers had ecaded being arrested for years but last years, they ruled the drug empire in Kenya with an iron fist.
They had support from powerful people in government so that's the main reason why they were never arrested and charged in kenya.
But last year they were arrested and exttrided to USA to face drug related charges.
To receive a lesser sentence, the akasha brothers have decided to spill the beans in prominent people involved in the drug business in Kenya.
Here are 13 people involved in the drug business.
Here is the list;-
1. Four High Court judges
2. Two serving Governors, one from the Coastal region and another one from North Eastern region
3. A former Governor from Central Kenya
4. Prominent Nairobi businessman
5. Former Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister
6. Former senior police boss
7. Serving MP from Mt Kenya
8. Former MP from North Eastern
9. Renowned rights' activist from Coastal Kenya​.

FBI have not yet released the names but are in the process of naming the individuals and issuing travel ban and sanctions against them

Akasha brothers in Court/courtesy

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