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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Details of 27 year old Malcolm Kenyatta who has won in USA Congress Election

Malcolm Kenyatta has won in very much contested USA election.
Kenyans are really curious because he goes by the surname Kenyatta, a name famous because of Kenya founding father jomo Kenyatta and currently our president uhuru Kenyatta.
So how does Malcolm Kenyatta carry the name Kenyatta?
He is the grandson of a famous politician by the name Muhammad Kenyatta, a civil Rights activist who ran for mayor in 1975.
Muhammed Kenyatta was initially born Donald Brooks Jackson but later changed his name after he was inspired by Kenyan founding fathers jomo Kenyatta.He was also inspired by an Islamic leader Elijah Muhammed thus the name Muhammed.
Malcolm Kenyatta managed to easily win the philidelphia Congress elections against all odds.

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