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Monday, 19 November 2018

Details about spies to be planted on public transport to ensure that Matiangi Rules are adhered to

Matiangi is a no nonsense cabinet secretary who has transformed every ministry he has supervised.
Today through the directive of the transport and interior ministry, national safety and transport Authority director Francis Meja, has announced major changes in the transport industry.
Undercover detectives from EACC will be boarding matatus and posing as passengers.
This enforcement will be effective during the festive season when Accidents are high.
Here is Francis Meja statement
All the agencies involved will step up surveillance, especially on major roads and blackspots, to ensure motorists adhere to safety rules. We will not relent," he stated

It is understood that the detectives will be planted on major roads, They will be responsible for Ensuring that both the passengers and matatu crew follow the michuki rules to the later.
They will be arresting those who will break the rules enforced by matiangi last week.

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