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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

3 items found in governor obado house which forced detectives to immediately arrest him

Obado was arrested at around 2:30pm EAT on Tuesday. On Monday, detectives from EACC searched Okoth Obado Nairobi and Migori home and recovered several fire arms. Its said Obado is involved in several corruption scandals.
Five of the firearms were recovered in Nairobi while three were recovered at his home in Migori.
Sources say the detectives also seized, among other things, several bank statements and electronics.
The EACC detectives on Tuesday raided at his office and three homes in what sources said could be linked to investigations into alleged questionable tenders totalling over Sh2 billion.
The bank statements will be used to prosecute the governor in 2 billion Shillings migori corruption scandal.
It is believed obado used several proxies to swindle migori county money amounting to over 2 million.
Okoth obado is a licenced gun owner but the state limits the amount of firearms he should own.
The electronics siezed could also be used as evidence in the corruption charges.

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