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Friday, 19 October 2018

Why Sharon otieno was not buried in her Husbands House

Slain Rongo University student sharon otieno has been buried today at her grandfather's homestead.
The slain student was supposed to be buried in her husbands home instead of her grandfathers house.
Benard Okuta seems to have disowned sharon otieno ever since she left him and started dating governor obado.
The last message he said before going underground is.
“This matter is too emotive for me to comment. If I wanted to comment about it, I would have done so long ago. I would rather leave the matter to the police and other investigators to find out what happened. That is all I can say,” the soft-spoken Mr Okuta said immediately after Sharon otieno death.
Sharon otieno parents have said that they tried contacting Mr Okuta for Sharon to be buried in his land but he refused.
The family said that they tried persuading him and even gave him 40 days to make up his mind but have never heard from him ever since.
Slain Rongo University student was buried in her grandfather's homestead beside her unborn child.This is against luo Traditions but they had no option.

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