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Monday, 8 October 2018

Why my daughter will not testify against jowie Jacque maribe father reveals

Jacque maribe father has finally spoken about the gruesome murder and the connection between Jacque maribe and the Murder.
Jacque maribe father who spoke appeared emotional and questioned why his daughter was being held and yet she did not commit the Murder.
“Police want to become famous by nailing a celebrity. That is why my daughter is in custody. Her neighbour, Brian Kassaine, also has a partner. Why is she not in custody? Her biggest mistake was falling in love" he told citizen tv.
He also made it clear that it could be dangerous for Jacque maribe to testify against Jowie.
They he stated that Jacque maribe life will be in danger if she testifies against Jowie and will end up living all her life in danger.
“He may not have committed the crime alone. The man has deep connections with shadowy people. His accomplices may be out there and may go after my daughter if she testifies against him." He added
He says that jowie irungu was a dangerous guy owing to the fact that he handled guns most of the time .
He said that if Jacque testifies against him she might end up living in fear the rest of her life if jowie is convicted.

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