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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Why Jacque maribe is still locked up Dennis itumbi reveals Fresh details

Jacque maribe slept in police cells yesterday after high court judge James wakianga released her on bail.
Itumbi has revealed that high court register is not keen to let her out.
Here is what itumbi shared.
"Interesting events at the Deputy Registrar in the High Court. We completed the bond process for our friend Jacque Maribe at 12pm and till now no progress & she is looking at another night in prison despite being freed by The Court yesterday. Let me tell you of the games." Read part of his tweet
"Yesterday, the same games were employed. The Deputy Registrar declined to sign the letter commiting documents to land registry and registrar of persons yesterday. We decided to wait for today " itumbi cried.

He said that maribe might still spend the second night in jail even after being released
"Problem is after that we were told there is an order that "UPON release the investigating officer and the advocate will take an inventory of house" we argued that is UPON release. So they dropped that line..."
It means that they have to look for a prosecutor to accompany her to her house.
Maribe might spend the night in prison again today.

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