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Friday, 26 October 2018

Why Erick omondi is not attending Maribe Court cases despite having a child together

Erick omondi and Jacque maribe were the perfect couple back in the 2012.
Jacque maribe was often seen kissing and getting cosy with Erick omondi in many entertainment spots.
They dated for almost 2 years until Jacque maribe became pregnant.
It is believed she was carrying Erick omondi baby.
Shortly after getting pregnant maribe and omondi broke up with maribe deciding to keep the baby.
Erick omondi has been missing in Jacque maribe court cases and has decided to keep mute about his relationship with maribe.
Here are the main reasons why.
1.He does not want to sabotage his current relationship.
Erick omondi and his current fiancee Chantel her planning their wedding.
Omondi does not want to be associated with maribe as they are planning their wedding.Her fiancee could not be Happy if husband to be is being associated with his ex.

2.He does not want to fuel speculations
Eric omondi has always denied being maribes baby daddy.
If he attends the court cases he will fuel speculations which the media will pick quickly

The main reason he will not attend is because they did not break up with maribe in good terms.
It is understood that omondi left maribe when he needed him the most and was pregnant.

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