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Monday, 1 October 2018

Why Dennis Okari started Going to church frequently after Betty kyalo Dumped him

Dennis okari and Betty kyalo love story reads like a soap opera movie.Okari Fell in love with then very humble betty kyalo.
They held a grand wedding and they were featured on all major media platforms.
It was the wedding of the century.Dennis and Betty have one child together.
Few months after the wedding, things took a drastic turn for the two.
According to those who knew them , the very humble betty changed and became arrogant towards her husband.
Betty was earning more than okari despite working in the same television station.
The marriage hit a dead rock and Betty moved out to a more expensive and fully furnished house.
She started driving expensive cars including a Porsche.It was suspected she was in a relationship with a very rich and powerful person.
This really heart broke Dennis okari, and to make matters worse,Betty later sued Okari, for child support at the Milimani Children’s Court.Betty won the case and now she is getting a substantial amount of okari salary.
After all this drama and being left alone,the NTV reporter, Okari surrendered his life to Christ.
He is now a staunch and prayerful Christian.

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