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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

What Jacque maribe promised to do immediately after being released on prison,She has a heart of Gold

Jacque maribe has been in prison for the last 1 month.
Her tribulations started when she fell In love with Jowie a suspected killer who proposed to her last month.
Jowie proposed to Jacque in very much publicised Engagement event.
The two have been locked up for the past 1 month and Jacque maribe had been locked up in langata women's prison.
While in the prison she made friends who have been remanded for years.
She said one released she will start a process of helping them get bail.
According to her crush Dennis itumbi who has been visiting her everyday. Jacque maribe has promised to help those inmates who are poor.
Here is part of what itumbi posted

"May she get bail so that like she told me yesterday, she can " try and end the pain of tens of remandees who are locked up for years because they could not afford bail amounts ranging from Shs. 3,000 to 10,000"
She said that she will help them Access justice and will deticate her life helping those people with small Bail terms Access justice.
People with small Bail terms are often people with small offences but just they cannot get out because they are poor.
Maribe said that she will mobilize her friends to help those women inmates in langata women's hospital Access justice.

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