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Monday, 8 October 2018

Was Jowie Irungu framed?

More questions continue to be raised in the Monica kimani murder case.
Monica kimani was murdered in cold blood but more questions continue to be raised if jowie is indeed guilty.
Everybody thinks jowie is guilty but sometimes thinks are not what it seems.
A person who knows the case very well Confirmed that jowie Might be innocent, here is what he shared with us.
"This case is very hard.
You cannot prove murder .It's very hard not unless they will use circumstancial evidence which by law is not enough to land Jowie in jail.
There is more than meets the eye.He is innocent and the big fish is somewhere looking at how things are unfolding .
As a trained security he got all his wits and leaving traces would be a NO.
Something not adding up at all and like I said he is innocent and he will be freed!"

Jowie irungu left all traces linking him to the murder as a trained Sharp shooters in both Dubai and Afghanistan jowie could not be that dumb to leave evidence all over.

Jowie left evidence all over which makes us feel that there is a third party in this case. The person who framed jowie might have done it perfectly or might be living inside the apartment which Monica kimani was living and committed the crime immediately jowie left in order to Frame him.

Also the motive of this Murder does not make sense, Jowie could not just kill Monica because of 6 million Kenyans sense.
Jacque maribe and jowie were doing well financially before the murder.

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