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Monday, 15 October 2018

Video:Jowie Irungu cries Like a baby after his Mom attend Court case

Jowie Irungu the main murder suspect in Monica kimani murder case , cried like a small baby after  his mom showed up in court.
Jowie Irungu relatives had shunned the court proceedings until today when his mother showed up in court.
Jowie irungu hugged her very tightly for about 2 minutes.
It was the warmest affection the murder suspect has received since the case started.
Jowie is facing a death sentence if convicted and has always claimed that the police are framing him for the Murder.
He claimed that police did not take DNA samples from him but placed him in the scene of Murder through DNA tests.
It seems that jowie mother has finally decided to stand by he soon after all the drama

Watch video here

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