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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

This is the disease obado suffered in prison which forced him to be rushed to hospital

Okoth obado is one of the high profile murder suspect in industrial area prison.
He has been reportedly been receiving vip treatment but was stopped when media aired about the issue.
Obado started eating prison food and now has fallen sick.
According to police sources, the Governor was admitted to KNH’s private wing on Wednesday after Prison boss, Isaiah Osugo, gave his officers the order.

Okoth obado was vomiting uncontrollably and there were traces of blood in his vomit.He  also suffered from diarrhoea.
Okoth obado might not have adopted to prison food and that's why he has been vomiting blood.
Obado is currently admitted at private wing in Kenyatta hospital.
He will be  in the hospital until he starts feeling better.

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