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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Photos: Meet Nairobi most Stupid Thug who announces in Facebook when he escapes

Here is a story of one of the most ruthless and feared thugs in Nairobi.
His name is kevo lumidee.He founded the dreaded gaza gang back in 2012 and immediately started recruiting new members.
Kevo used to pose as a matatu conductor during the day but at night he was a ruthless and fearless thug.
Despite being ruthless and fearless, He was plain stupid and loved updating on his Facebook page.
6 months before his death he had updated that he had an addition which was going to kill him soon,He was talking about his addiction to thing life.
The worst mistake he made is few months before his death, police had ambushed them,Two of his fellow thugs were shot and killed on the spot.
Kevo lumidee managed to escape together with two others,but Instead of going to hide and go underground for sometime, kevo took to his Facebook page and announced that he had escaped from a shoot out.
He posted exactly the following words
"Gun shots at umo 1 stage 2 dead n me n my other 2 frnds escape ts police are aim on as everyday.""

His Grammer was not good but he still delivered the message that he had escaped  from a police shout out in Facebook.

It was easy for police to track and kill him as he was gunned just barely two months after announcing he had escaped.

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