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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Obado has spent more in legal fees than what Sharon otieno had demanded from him

Okoth obado continues to spend time in industrial area prison after the brutal murder of Sharon otieno.
Obado has been in prison for more than one month now and has  been remanded in industrial area prison.
He will appear in court for bail hearing tomorrow.
Obado was previously represented by cliff ombeta but has now turned to senior lawyer Fred ngatia to represent him after  cliff ombeta failed to secure his release for more than 4 bail hearings.
Fred ngatia legal fees will rise upto more than100 million if he manages to secure his release.
For Fred ngatia appearance tommorow for obado bail application obado will pay more than 10 million.
Cliff ombeta is understood to have already racked in over 20 million together with his team of lawyers in this case .
Sharon otieno was only asking for 20 million house from the governor who flatly refused
Obado by the end of this case will have spend over 100 million  Kenyan shillings.
Okoth obado still remains innocent until proven guilty

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