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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

My life was in danger in Gigiri police cells from mysterious Man Jacque maribe explains in her affidavit

Jacque maribe has explained that her life was in danger in gigiri police cells, she said that an inmate by the name omondi had been brought to the cell.
Here is what part of her affidavit read.

"The concern I had in Kiambu was with regard to one Mr. Kennedy. Kenneth Omondi booked into Gigiri Police station where I was. He was brought in
(i) Seemingly to to ask me questions about what I knew about the murder.

(ii)The said Kennedy. Kenneth Omondi (K.K Omondi) was booked in on Sunday 30th September 2018 and to the best of my knowledge captured in the Gigiri occurrence book. I saw one of the investigators Mr. Ahmed consulting with OCS and taking photos with his phone of the O.B entry presumably related to the said K.K Omondi. The DPP's deponent herein C. Insp Maxwell Otieno operates from the self-same CID establishment from where Mr. KK Omondi carne from.

(iii) immediately upon being checked in the said K.K. Omondi told me he was arrested on drug trafficking accusations on the night (2am) of 29th October, that he lives in Kilimani. that he frequents a place called Rubi,that he knows my house in Royal Park. He repeatedly asked me questions that were not in public domain then.."

Read part of the affidavit

Maribe said that she has strong believe that the in mate by the name omondi was planted there  to ask her questions concerning Monica kimani murder as police thought she was with holding information

Here is what the affidavit read

"He told me his house in Kilimani was searched and set upside down while looking for drugs in a similar manner as mine at Royal Park was case.
(iv) That I was to be taken to Kiambu Court on Monday 1st October which I didn't know then.
(v) Mr. K.K Omondi enjoyed special treatment at the cell in that unlike everyone else (a) he did not remove his shoes or shoe whilst other men booked in are not allowed to keep both shoes. (b) did not eat station food but rather got all his food from "JAVA" (c) always sought to share his food with me which I declined throughout. He gave out to further detainees upon my decline. Nobody is allowed to share food in police detainment.
(d) was allowed to keep and use his phone, the re issued Nokia 3310. inside the cells unlike everyone else including myself
(e) was the only man/mate allowed to mingle with and interact with female detainees whilst a strict gender separation was enforced against everyone else.
(vi) I was advised by other detainees and security personnel to be careful with him in view of his interest in my situation.
(vii) he always asked me people who had visited me. The only risk I ran was therefore from the CID.
c) I suspect K.K. Omondi was planted by C.Insp.M. Otieno as his innovative style and way to investigate and extract information. "
Maribe concluded.

The fact that the main tried to share meals with maribe is very suspect.Murder suspects or witnesses are always murdered under unclear circumstances in police cells and that's why maribe feared for her life.

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