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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

More details about jowie Irungu emerge, Jacque maribe was much older than him and he was a choir singer

Jowie irungu details have now emerged.
Jowie was born in 1991 while Jacque maribe was born in 1985.
This means that Jacque was 6 years older than jowie.
Jowie irungu Finished his primary education in 2005 at coral academy in nakuru.
Teachers In the school described jowie as an entertainer but was a below average student in class.
He joined form 1 in the year 2006 and left in 2007.He joined langalanga day school in nakuru.
The teachers in langa langa highschool said that he they do not know what happened as he was not suspended or expelled.
He just did not show up at the school after 1 year.
While Irungu was in form one, Jacque maribe had already finished highschool and was already in college.
Maribe cleared University in 2007, at that time irungu was suppose to be in form 2.
It is understood that jowie dropped out of school in 2007 but managed to go back to school and did his kcse in 2011.

Another baffling character about jowei is the he was religious as a young man.
He was a founder of agape choir in his nakuru home while his Family.
Those who knew him said that said   he a very religious young man and a very good singer.
They said they don't understand why he was backslided and is now facing murder charges.

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