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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Why charging Maribe with Murder instead of Accessory to murder is a simple way of setting her Free

Maribe today was brought to court alongside her boyfriend jowie irungu.
They were both charged with murder .
Most people expected maribe to be charged with accessory to murder which carries a life sentence.
court on Monday.
Both are being charged with murder.
Charging Jacque Maribe with murder instead of accessory which all indicators points at a guilt end is a way of saving her. It’s likely she won’t be found guilty of murder and that’s the only way out. She was deep in this, think this charge is tactical. I could be wrong too.
If she was charged with Accessory to murder it could have been easy to prosecute her.
Proving that maribe​ committed or was involved in commiting the murder beyond reasonable doubt will be very hard.
Maribe has a 95% probability of winning the case.

She will work free after the trial begins

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