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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Maribe media friend vows To Testify for her if called by detectives

Terry Anne jebet is in one of maribe best friends.
She might be called to testify for her any minute from now.
Terryanne jebet Has said that she is ready to tell detectives what she knows about Jacque maribe.
Here is what she shared on her social media account.
"Good morning guys, It has come to my attention that I have been allegedly summoned by DCI in connection to my friend Jacqui's arrest. First I would like clarify that DCI has not reached out to me and I have only read about it online. While I am not involved in the unfortunate events, I understand that by virtue of being Jacqui's friend, I may be called upon as a character witness. Should I be called upon, I am available."

She  maintained that she knows she might be called to testify for her friend in the unfortunate incident but she maintains that she is not involved in the unfortunate events.
Maribe is currently locked up in gigiri police station.

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