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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Maribe affidavit:Jowie cried I love you I am sorry before shooting himself,Maribe sells out jowie

Jacque maribe has finally decided to sell out her boyfriend.
Maribe has been in custody for over three weeks now and has finally decided to sell out her fiance jowie.
She has vividly explained what happened in the night of the murder.
According to maribe jowie came home crying that fateful night.
She said that jowie was crying saying "I love you I am sorry."
Maribe said her affidavit that she could not understand why Jowie was apologizing yet he had not something wrong to her that day.
"I had gone to bed by the time he returned. He came to my room crying and telling me he was sorry."
"I told him my child was sleeping and that he should stop making noise lest he woke the child from sleep. He kept crying that 'Jacque I am sorry', but I ignored him." Maribe was quoted by the star
Maribe said that after that jowie went to her closet silently leaving her and her child in bed.
She said after few minutes he had gunshot where she rushed and found jowie on the floor with blood oozing on her left hand.
She said that jowie kept apologizing after he shot himself after which she rushed to her room to get her phone.
When she returned jowie irungu was nowhere to be seen.
Apparently he had rushed to Brian kasaine house.
Maribe followed him.
He found him at the floor of Brian kasaine house.
"Brian’s wife Cate also ran outside to where Joseph was lying. He was still bleeding from the chest," Jacque told the detectives.

Thats when they decided to rush him to hospital.

Maribe is trying to place jowie irungu at scene of the Murder by claiming that he kept apologizing for something she does not know.
Maribe is now fighting for her freedom.

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